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How to Sell Your House for the Most Money

Your imagination is the most powerful tool you have to improve the value of your property – and it’s free. Here’s how: Step out of your own shoes and step into your potential buyer’s shoes. Then take a good, realistic look at your house and property, and consider: Is it appealing? Can you imagine yourself living there comfortably? Or do you imagine yourself putting in a lot of work to make the house and property acceptable?

Most buyers are interested in three things about a property they’re considering

  • Visual appeal (landscaping, spaciousness, cleanliness, color, lack of clutter)
  • Maintenance (everything in working order, nothing to repair or paint)
  • Safety (locks and deadbolts, burglar/fire alarm systems, busyness of the neighborhood)

If a potential buyer can’t form a good mental picture of living in your house – no sale! With this in mind, you’ll want to give your property a good, hard look from the outside in. You want to create a fabulous first impression so everyone will want to come inside.

What to Look For On the Outside

  • Roof and gutters: When buyers look at your house from their car, about 30      percent of what they see is your roof. Be certain it’s in good repair.
  • Landscaping: A well-manicured yard and a smooth, even driveway reassure potential buyers that you care about your property. A yard free of mud and weeds suggests a good sprinkler system and low maintenance.
  • Paint and siding: Neutral colors and a clean appearance are important. Consider repainting or power-washing both your house and roof.
  • Porch or covered patio: Make sure it’s clean and uncluttered.
  • Fence: Fencing should be in good repair.

What to Look For On the Inside

  • Kitchen: Regardless of your kitchen size, you can make it feel spacious: Remove appliances and gadgets from your counter tops and store them. Repair broken or cracked counters.
  • Bathrooms: Replace faucets, medicine cabinet, and towel racks if necessary; be certain the bathrooms are spotless and fresh-smelling.
  • Master Bedroom: Spaciousness and décor are important. Remove and store nonessential furniture.
  • Flooring: An investment in new carpeting almost always increases the perceived value of a home. Select a neutral color of medium-grade carpeting and padding. Replace cracked and broken tiles.
  • Wall covering: A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Always use neutral or soft, warm colors. Avoid wallpaper.
  • Personal touches: Eclectic personal touches may distract potential buyers